Sunday, September 9, 2007


Electroliquid Aggregations of two quotes by Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking

Science is purely destructive. The Atom was split to level cities, Penicillin used to crush diseases. Now even those "Pure Sciences" unspoiled by war like chemistry and biology have been hijacked. Physics and Maths are now used to calculate missile trajectories and the spread of toxins through water. Science is used not to solve problems or adapt us to them. Instead we seek as in all things to destroy them.

Only through change and adversity can the destructive nature of Man be discovered. When all is well he seems the most agreeable of beings.

If one is to change he must destroy all of what he thinks he knows and embrace that which he knows. We call this process Science.

If Life is to follow Death as Creation does Destruction then what is to follow Us?
If Death is to follow Life as Destruction does Creation then what is to follow Us?
What is left to follow Us?

I have created a monster. A true Frankenstein, one which will destroy us all. He is not only of us, he is us. Worse still, he calls me Father.

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