Sunday, September 9, 2007



One Must follow their senses in science.

One must not be overcome by an unexpectant change.

Sometimes the obvious path is not the right one.

One must be brave to tread an unknown path.

Or braver still for an unseen one.

Many things may distract you.

But in the end all will be revealed.

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David McCallum said...

The at times stark contrast of light and shadow creates a varying experience, and successfully guides the user through sections of the structure. The light texture used at the resolution of the vertical ramp space, in conjunction with the bright lighting contrasting the previously dark spaces, successfully conveys the idea of 'all being revealed'. Gradual reveals of the structure also create a sense of progression, and the increase of mankind's personal understanding.

The inclusion of the 'trap' areas increases the user's awareness of the spaces around them, and also continues the theme of 'discovering the nature of man through change and adversity'.

Good stuff!