Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Arch 1202 - Coogee Oval - Final Submission - Sketchup Images

Undercroft and Cafe

These images show the progression from the main entry towards the Undercroft area and through to the cafe. The cafe is designed to spill out into the undercroft are on the lower level and allow for more interaction chances with the workshop, with the upper level being able to look out over it and along the street. On the other side there is a good view out onto the oval and patrons would be able to watch people as they entered or left the grandstand giving them a clue as to the life and activity going on next to them with which they do not have a direct connection.

The curved entry allows for passerbys to skim along its surface whislt presenting a generous and inviting entrance to possible customers. At night, lit up, it would act as one of the beacons of activity giving users a clear idea of hubs of activity.

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