Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Arch 1202 - Coogee Oval - Final Submission - Sketchup Images


The Gymnasium is one of the key activity centres on the site and as such connects directly into the park, community kitchen, offices, store room and multiuse rooms as well as feeding into the grandstand and undercroft space beyond. It views directly onto the oval and the beach beyond.

the upper walkway provides entry to the Offices as well as provides a viewing platform for both the gym and oval as well as offering views to the beach. The two small multipurpose rooms are located up here so they are at once linked to the gym without interrfering with any activities that might be going on.

The Offices look directly into the gym and out through it into the wider community beyond it. They allow the workers to view and watch anyone approaching along the walkway as well as more directly interact with the space by opening up their glass facade when the office workers wish to do so. this feeds their office with a much greater supply of fresh air but also of life and space as it takes from the gym and the oval and community beyond.

The gym's smaller and larger gyms spaces can be joined (as shown in the images) to create one very large space which is large enough to hold a full sized regulation basketball match increasing the usefulness and life of the community centre as well as future possibilities.

The Community kitchen directly below the Offices can open up to the gym in the same way with the gyms facade being able to be pealed back also. This would allow for great community activities making use of both these spaces and increasing possible interactions and cross overs.

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