Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Arch 1202 - Coogee Oval - Final Submission - Sketchup Images


Walkway runs along the back of the site and not only links the site through to the park but it creates a varying threshold with the facades of the gym and community kitchen being able to be pealed back to allow a passerby to walk righ tthrough the heart of the activity with out disrupting it, or a chance to join it.

On an End of season celebration all these links and facades can be pealed back to directly link the gym, main entrance, kitchen and the park creating a large communial atmosphere and allowing small children with sausage sandwiches to run about the site in a myriad of ways whilst hiding from their friends all whilst still being directly linked to their parents in the gym or kitchen.

This breatheable exchange of building, walkway and community is only limited in its application through the users imagination. It allows for a school camp or sport team sleep over just as easily as a fete or fund raising day. The visual and physical link through these pathways is further increased with sandstone pavers running through the area and hinting at the origins of the site as it sits just metres from the beach.

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