Monday, October 22, 2007



These images are of my elevator created in SketchUp. It is a fairly enclosed regular shape except for the roof and ceiling, at least at first appearance. Like our three clients they are not as they seem. The elevator is able to split into 3 separate and distinct sections to carry a person to their desired and individual destination. As such the roof and ceiling reflect this lively movement and create a free flowing visual of the essence of the lift's function; unrestricted movement. On another level it shows the constant flux of our world, most importantly that of the economy and stock markets as well as the power of an individual. In the market today there is guaranteed to be winners and losers, but these clients not only ride the peaks of these highs but help through their vast power and resources to pull other people up the slope towards financial security and prosperity.

Note: the timber cube is to represent the dimensions of the avatar in Unreal Tournament, which was used to model the 3D interactive spaces.

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