Monday, October 22, 2007



Ratan Tata's Office: His Background in steel inspired me to make a big steel box which has weathered and aged as exposed to the elements through the large window and the slits in the building. The high-backed corporate couch near the lift is more of a traditional Western office layout with a sitting area. The lift when present creates a wonderfully sculptural element protruding from the wall with no sign of supports. It is separated from the client not by partitions but by space and the large window allowing winds to dissipate any noise from the people waiting. He has a couch near his work space to allow for discussions with people who com to see him and his actual work space is hidden from the main chamber by breaking out and providing magnificent views.

Meeting Space: This space is to allow the two clients to come together as equals and eat or have a discussion. This is a simple space as even though these are two very powerful people there is a great deal of power in a simple, quite, calming space which allows you to escape from your job or other pressures. The space features recycled bamboo and along with the rough cut mountain stone this creates a natural and serene feeling to the space. The table is situated in the central area of the room but is still concealed and safe to discuss matters of the heart or secret business.

Zhang Yin's Office: This space like the Meeting Point is full of natural materials, mainly recycled bamboo and glass. The bamboo not only reflects her cultural background but also that of her business nature. By using recycled bamboo we reflect her passion for recycling which has made her a fortune beyond reasoning yet also create a calm, serene, open, natural space which I see as being very fitting with her personality.

Overall: A common set of materials has been used to not only link the spaces but to also denote that the status of the two clients, although both very powerful, is equal and that they are amongst company which will know their pressures and quest for achievements. This also creates a familiarity between the two spaces which makes the spaces feel more friendly to the clients when they visit each other.

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sorry, i tried to look at your blog a few days back but none of the links were working so wasn't able to give you proper feedback but now i can see you work i will finish your feedback sheet.