Monday, October 22, 2007



The dining table is made in the Japanese tradition where it is a low table which must be used only by sitting on the floor. Due to their background I was influenced by an Eastern idea of calmness as this is for their relaxation away from the rest of the world. This creates a balance between not only the spaces but also to ensure both clients remain respectful of each other. It represents their respective power is no greater than the others and as such it has a raised decal which not only further represents this (similar to a yin yang symbol) but is also used to serve food from. A large communal plate sits in the center with two smaller plates sitting on the raised sections. Again by sharing their status as equals is reaffirmed.

The elevator exudes power through its steady purposeful movement as well as the crystal material it is made from. Its ceiling and roof are all the more impressive with this material and creates an interesting space to off set the dining area. each clients space is different and unique in its own way so the smaller section is more private and dynamic but the larger space is a greater supplement to the living space.

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