Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arch 1202 - Coogee Oval - Week 6 - Changing Scales

Looking at a curvilinear roof form and a structural support system for it.

Idea of a concrete slab system supported by steel columns, possible detailing of slab to column connections. Slab is thickened and has integrated beams running under the slab to increase strength at column points and would create a "waffle" effect on the underside of the slab when viewed from within the gym.

Two variations on the roof from. Roof being looked at to provide additional viewing areas for the oval and to create a view out to the ocean. One being a free standing cantilever system and the other "crashing" like a wave over the top of the building with steel cables restraining it downwards not only to restrain the structure but to continue the visual element to the ground to provide variation and cover. It would also honestly express the structural role of the elements and link it to the idea of the ocean more obviously yet trying to be poetic in its execution.

Previously the curved section of the roof form was looked at to be turfed and capable of supporting a live load encountered during a sports match or event, but through the structural analysis (through Arch 1261) with Waldo the depth of this would need to be between 500 and 1000mm!! This was obviously not ideal or a workable option. So the roof became simply a shelter with the slab forming the surface upon which spectators could view from.

Looking at Wall systems in the Gymnasium for retaining the earth and creating views into the gym from the Oval (East) side.

Looking at redesigning the ceiling of the existing grandstand to reinforce its strength, replace the worn timber and more closely link it to the new structure with the striations of colour shown in the brick reflected through to the new structures. This could be done by painting the steel columns one colour and then at these heights paint them then colour of these brick ribbons. These ribbons of colour expressed throughout the site would establish a set of datum which would give the eye a constant set of lines to establish itself from, it would also reflect the new buildings back to the old. It would further illustrate the fall of level over the site and create an emphasis of the sites fall.

This would help to address the idea of reciprocity and create a number of opportunities when addressing threshold especially for the gym with this change in levels and the ground falling away from the site towards the park. Entrances at different heights could offer different things, like the park entrance be more sheltered and look at interior/exterior created by the enclosed tree canopy and the soaring gym space creating a juxtaposition between the two spaces. Or by looking at the differences and similarities in the way they shelter pedestrians as they pass through the site. Obviously materiality between the gym and the park could be used to complement or contrast each other and thus make another statement, probably most strongly about how the building views its responsibility to the community and area through its response to the park, a natural and community area. The use of timber cladding and sun shading would be applicable and most likely necessary due to this being the North-West corner of the site and to continue to respect the park and its integral function to the site and the community.

The change in levels and heights could also be played upon when creating the ramped entrance to the gym hall to allow for equal access opportunities and to create a different experience when entering the building allowing pedestrians to view the interior space and its life (through its use and sports events) before they have a chance to interact with it.

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