Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arch 1202 - Coogee Oval - Week 7 - Working Across Scales

Elevation and Section of the Site from the East Edge (Oval)

These Elevations and sections are meant to give an idea of the scale of the buildings in relation to each other and the internal layout of the Gymnasium/Offices. The ramped entrance to the gym can clearly be seen as can the varying heights of the internal slabs. This is to allow for a varying of conditions and spaces which would lend itself to different uses within the one building. This layout was considered when I was trying to create a single building which would house all of the new activities required but I believe I was too greatly influenced by the Structures and Construction course which we had been forced to integrate with our design. Instead I believe it informed the design to too greater an extent when the design should have informed the structural design and layout. I think the sequencing of Structural assignments as compared with Design assignments caused this narrowing of my design but I was still trying to address the ideas of the site and context but the proposal was far too rigid. I had to break that mindset and almost ignore the Structural element to further the design, although I would do so in a manner which was believable and able to be constructed.

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