Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arch 1202 - Coogee Oval - Week 7 - Working Across Scales

Edge Conditions on the East Edge (Oval)

Edge conditions looking at the Gymnasium space and its lowered edge. This creates a flaying level which is at the same height as the sports field itself. This lends to the idea of reciprocity and insertion and infrastructure. Reciprocity between the two sporting arenas creating a threshold between the two which lends itself to the viewing of both, meaning a parent with children playing both on the field and in the gym could watch both perform meaning that one child didn't miss out over the other or that both parents could watch both children perform and spend the day together rather than one parent spending the day with one child and other with the second.

This gives them a greater chance to use the site to bond their family and making children's sport more enjoyable for all involved. After they could eat together at the cafe or watch the local rugby/cricket team in the afternoon. This idea would help to bond the community as more sections are able to interact with each other at the same time and provide a focus point for local activity.

The single glass façade appears to extend through the slab roof to create a viewing area so those that wish to view just the oval have an unimpeded view and a better one being higher up they can observe the play better. The depth across the site can be viewed and addressed with the change in the height of the retaining wall protecting the glass façade of the gymnasium. A seemingly floating mezzanine slab can be seen which would be at the end of the gym as to not impede the use of the full height gym space. This area would be used for some of the general purpose rooms and could double to create viewing platforms of the action within the gym. Again it is pulled back from the façade to create a clean delineation between structure and enclosure.

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