Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arch 1202 - Coogee Oval - Week 7 - Working Across Scales

Edge Conditions on the East Edge (Oval)

Edge conditions looking at the transition between levels through the use of a stair case which protrudes from the skin of the building to interact with the conditions of the site. The transparency of the building allows for users to view into and out of the building connecting the two sporting centres of the site. Break out spaces for offices split over two levels to allow the users to control their environment and working space.

Louvres are used to increase natural ventilation and control it within the office space. Second level features sliding glass doors which allow the entire skin of the façade to peel back to open it up to the environment. This would create an amazing open feeling and would be wonderful during pleasant weather. The lower floor has a fixed lower panel to ensure that there would be no water penetration from either the rain or site flooding due to heavy rain fall and the natural basin in which it sits.

Columns are set away from the façade like in Mies van de Rohe work. This creates a cleaner façade and doesn't confuse the tasks of structure and environment enclosure. It also creates a number of opportunities within the building in regards to the change in façade which impacts upon the depth of space beyond. The columns then regulate this space and create spaces of varying depth which lend themselves to different uses. Such as the large one for an office with a desk or a meeting space, the smaller areas could be used for shelving or left blank to promote the use of that space as a break through into the exterior to allow one to view the oval and all its life and variation.

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