Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arch 1202 - Coogee Oval - Week 7 - Working Across Scales

Edge Conditions on the West Edge (Street)

Edge conditions looking at the Office/Gymnasium space and its entrance from the street edge. Columns are again set back from the façade but here the mezzanine slab protrudes the glass. There is a much different site condition on this edge as opposed to the oval side. This edge needs to be more human scale and approachable where as the oval edge creates a backdrop for the game and is much more in scale with the oval itself.

This also creates an opportunity for a human scaled entrance creating a warmer, friendly, more community based entrance rather than a façade which would be viewed from afar or over the television. Recessed lighting to illuminate the entrance and glass louvres to not only allow for natural ventilation but to open the building up allowing pedestrians to hear and sense what is happening within the gym space even if they are just passing by.

There is a greater slab overhang on this edge due to the late afternoon, Western Sun being so intense. This would be complemented with external, timber, screen shading on both levels to protect both levels but to also further emphasise the more human scale of this approach. It would also reduce the amount of light pollution spilling out of the building at night time along this edge which had a very high residential component, as opposed to the Eastern Edge which, although possessing screening, would allow more light to spill out to act as an attractant and a local beacon of life within the community and could be seen by those approaching the site by public transport making its location and the path to it more obvious.

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